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Surgery Residency Program


Important adjuncts to the surgical training which the residents and interns receive are the teaching conferences. Seminars and panel discussions are held throughout the year. All the medical disciplines hold weekly departmental conferences, seminars and bedside rounds.

The following conferences are scheduled by the Department of Surgery:

  • Surgical Basic Science
  • Surgical Clinical Science
  • Surgical Journal Club
  • Surgery Review Conference
  • Teaching Rounds
  • Morbidity/Mortality & Quality Improvement Conference
Study Didactic
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Obstetric/Gynecology
  • Research and Investigation
Preoperative and Interesting Case
  • Thoracic
  • Quarterly General Medical Staff Meetings

Surgical Conferences (Clinical & Basic Science):   Surgical conferences are held at weekly intervals. The presentations are carried out by the local surgical staff and the surgical faculty of the University of California, Davis School of Medicine as well as visiting professors from other medical schools.

Trauma Conference:  Trauma Conference meets monthly.

Surgical Journal Club:  Attending staff physicians are assigned to each Journal Club which meets monthly. Specific journals are assigned to interns and residents to review.

Quarterly General Medical Staff Meetings:   Four Quarterly General Medical Staff meetings are held each year. The hospital activities are reviewed at these meetings, and the program is presented by either resident staff with discussion by the attending staff or by special outside speakers.

Study Didactic Conference:  This is held weekly. This is a question - answer session directed by one of the surgery faculty.

Teaching Rounds:   Surgical teaching rounds are held daily with one of the surgery faculty members. When appropriate, a lecture is held in place of formal rounds. Surgery Grand Rounds are held each Wednesday morning with the chief of surgery and the surgery faculty. Staff rounds on the Orthopedic Service are held on a daily basis with one of the orthopedic faculty. On the other sub-specialty services, rounds are scheduled with the attending surgeon covering the service.

Image of Surgical Residents

Morbidity/Mortality & Quality Improvement Conference:   Morbidity & Mortality & Quality Improvement Conference meets weekly to review all the complications and deaths which occurred during the previous week. This is actively participated in by house staff and attending staff.

Grand Rounds:  This is a weekly formal lecture series usually presented by visiting faculty.

Preoperative and Interesting Case Conference:   Preoperative Conference is held weekly to review and discuss cases scheduled for operation. Interesting cases are presented as unknowns. The faculty discussion is lively and instructive.

Orthopedic Surgery Conference:   Orthopedic Surgery Conference meets monthly.

Obstetric/Gynecology Conference:   Surgical interns and residents are encouraged to attend Obstetric & Gynecology Conference.

Research and Investigation:   Each resident is encouraged to engage in a specific program of research and clinical review during his/her period of training. With the large number and variety of patients seen in this institution, there are many excellent opportunities for clinical investigation.