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Surgery Residency Program

General Information

The Surgical Residency Program at San Joaquin General Hospital is a graded five-year program. During each of the five years, the resident is given increasing responsibility. First, second, and third-year surgical residents rotate on night call throughout their three junior years. During night call, they are responsible for all services of the Surgery Department. The senior residents similarly are on call for immediate consultation on all problems and operative cases. The attending surgeons maintain an on-call roster immediately available to the Chief Surgical Resident. The Chief Surgical Resident is on call every other night and every other weekend.

Although the Surgical Residency Program is based at the San Joaquin General Hospital, it is affiliated with the University of California, Davis. In addition to San Joaquin General Hospital, the residency program includes rotations through the following medical centers:

  • University Medical Center (Sacramento)
  • St. Joseph's Medical Center (Stockton)
  • Lodi Memorial Hospital (Lodi)

These three hospitals provide our surgical residents with generous clinical experience in general surgery including vascular, gastrointestinal, colon and rectal, endocrine, thoracic, pediatric, trauma surgery and endoscopy. Additionally, there is excellent exposure to surgical sub-specialty services.

San Joaquin General Hospital
San Joaquin General Hospital serves a total County population of approximately 600,000 people. As a public-operated facility, the patients admitted to the hospital, to the emergency room and to the clinics are the responsibility of the house staff physicians under the supervision of the attending faculty. San Joaquin General Hospital is the designated Level III Trauma Center in the County of San Joaquin. The Surgery Department has 40-60 beds. During an average year, there are 5,000 patients admitted to the surgical services, and 6,000 surgical procedures performed. A large volume of traumatic cases are seen in the Emergency Department.  San Joaquin General Hospital is located in close proximity to two major highways. Statistics recorded during the past year reflect the activity of the Surgical Service:

     5,000 | Inpatient Admissions
   22,320 | Outpatient Admissions
   50,000 | Emergency Room Admissions
     6,030 | Operations


St. Joseph's Medical Center
St. Joseph's Medical Center is an integrated teaching hospital, with 366 licensed beds located in Stockton. The PGY-II, PGY-III and PGY-IV surgical residents will rotate through St. Joseph's Medical Center, each for a period of four months. During this time, the resident will have progressive responsibility in the management of all patients on the surgical service while under the supervision of the attending surgeons.

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Residency Training Program

The University of California Davis
Medical Center, Sacramento

The University Medical Center is an acute hospital licensed for 619 beds. It has an active emergency department, outpatient clinics, and research facilities. Since July 1985, third- and fourth-year surgical residents have been rotating through the University of California, Davis Medical Center in Pediatric Surgery, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Trauma and Transplantation.


Lodi Memorial Hospital, Lodi
Lodi Memorial Hospital is a community hospital located 20 minutes from the main campus at San Joaquin General Hospital. Lodi offers a wide exposure to general, vascular, and surgical oncology cases.

Residents will rotate at LMH for 2 months during their PGY-III and PGY-IV.